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Eshback to Smithfield Beach

Quick Details

Canoe Price includes 2 people
Kayak Per person
Tandem Kayak Price includes 2 people
All prices are for 2 Days

Canoe or Kayak Eshback to Smithfield Beach

This 14-mile, two-day canoe or kayak trip from the Eshback access point to Smithfield Beach is great for the whole family, with plenty of fun things to do, beautiful views, wildlife viewing opportunities and more.

Launch at the Eshback access point and make your way down the river, past the flat, gravelly Buck Bar and around a sharp bend in the river. Pass Sambo Island, Depew Island, and Poxano Island. You’ll also see park and recreation sites, campgrounds, beaches, and more. Look for wildlife like foxes, deer, bears, bald eagles and other birds, and additional species native to northeastern Pennsylvania.

Eshback to Smithfield Beach offers a wealth of camping opportunities. Groups getting a late start can begin looking for a campsite in as little as five miles at the Peters and Quinn campsites in the Walpack Bend, the site of the historic Decker’s Ferry.

This Poconos kayaking and canoeing trip is great for people of all ages and skill levels, including children. This trip offers plenty of opportunities to stop, hike, fish, swim, and lounge around, giving the kids a chance to get out of the canoes!

Visit us year-round for a fun experience! This trip is exceptionally well suited to the lower water levels experienced in the middle of the summer because the trip is on the shorter side for a two-day excursion.

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