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Milford to Delaware Water Gap

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Canoe Price includes 2 people
Kayak Per person
Tandem Kayak Price includes 2 people
All prices are for 3 Days

Canoe or Kayak Milford to Delaware Water Gap

If you want to see all that the beautiful Delaware River has to offer, embark on this exciting three-day paddling trip, perfect for anyone looking for a fun adventure in this national scenic area. Spend three days floating the river for a total of 34 miles and two nights camping in tents!

Start your Poconos canoeing or kayaking trip at Milford Beach, complete with a pavilion, picnic area, grassy beach, and other amenities. As you begin your paddle, take in the stunning sites of the Pocono Mountains and banks of the Delaware River, home to wildlife like bald eagles, bears, deer, and other creatures.

You’ll also pass several islands located within the river, like Sambo, Poxano, Depew, Tocks, Labar, Shawnee, and more. Look for some fun and interesting spots, like the ‘jumping rock’ on the Pennsylvania side of the river (to your right), the Historic Shawnee Inn, old copper mines, and the remains of the old Karamac Resort, where families used to flock during the summer for riverside fun.

Of course, the most exciting destination is the Delaware Water Gap, once considered to be a scenic Wonder of the World, and summer vacation spot that fascinated thousands of travelers. This notch in the Kittatinny Ridge is one of the most impressive geographical features in the eastern United States.

This Delaware River trip is ideal for more experienced paddlers who are comfortable camping for two nights along the river and can handle a 34-mile trip.

Adventure Sports provides all the gear you’ll need to have a fun and comfortable river adventure. Book your three-day Delaware Water Gap canoe or kayak trip today.