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Dingmans Ferry to the Delaware Water Gap – 2 Day

Quick Details

Canoe Price includes 2 people
Kayak Per person
Tandem Kayak Price includes 2 people
All prices are for 2 Days

Canoe or Kayak Dingmans Ferry to the Delaware Water Gap

If you want to make it to the Delaware Water Gap on a faster-paced trip, this two-day, one-night canoe or kayak trip is perfect for adventurers! Travel 27 miles of river over two days and camp along the scenic Delaware River.

Breathtaking views of the Pocono Mountains will astound you at every turn on this exciting Delaware Water Gap kayaking/canoeing trip. You’re sure to enjoy peeking at the riverside attractions like campsites, recreation sites, and many stunning geographical features.

Don’t forget to look for wildlife along the way! You might see bald eagles and other birds, deer, bears, and more. Camping by the river and exploring the intricate Delaware River waterways is the best way to immerse yourself in this national scenic area.

After two days of paddling from the historic Dingmans Ferry Bridge, you’ll reach your final destination – the Delaware Water Gap. This geographical feature, a deep cut in the Kittatinny Ridge, has drawn travelers for years, and is one of the most impressive sites in the eastern United States.

This Poconos canoeing and kayaking trip is best for paddlers who are eager for a bit of a workout and are excited to camp along the river. This experience is best during higher spring flows, but can be completed at lower summer levels, though it is more difficult. If booking online, check water level before booking. Adventure Sports provides everything you need for the perfect river experience!

Don’t miss the chance to discover the wonder of the Delaware River. Book online today.